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Weasel Witch Sculpture By Mister Finch

This listing is for ONE Weasel Witch sculpture by Mister Finch
You may not get the exact one in the image but they are all made pretty identical from the same fabrics and pattern. So please expect subtle variations as they all turn out slightly differently.
Both hand and machine stitched this little Weasel Witch stands on her own chunky square base with her long staff in paw.
Her vintage midnight blue velvet cape has a double-lined collar feature detail and the bottom edge is studded with bright silver stars. Underneath is a heavily gathered cotton underskirt with a frayed edge for added volume.
Each piece is aged and stained for a soft vintage feel and any imperfections and rust marks are celebrated.
At tall pointy witch hat in matching velvet is the finishing touch to our magical friend and is fixed into position firmly.
Her legs are not poseable but you can gently mover her arms to give the air of a spell being cast.

Height including base approx 52cm
Width apporox 14cm
Depth approx 14cm