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Cherry Pie Toadstool Sculpture By Mister Finch (UK Shipping Only)

This listing is for ONE Cherry Pie Toadstool sculpture by Mister Finch
You may not get the exact one in the image but you will get one pretty identical made from the same fabrics/materials and found objects...give or take a few spots.
Both hand and machine stitched this little fellow stands on its own chunky base which is covered in deep green linen.
His bright red toadstool cap is adorned with stitched and painted spots and features heavy gathers underneath that make glorious gills. A tiny stitched waistcoat tops a many layered undercoat of 13 layers.
Each piece is aged and stained for a soft vintage feel and any imperfections and rust marks are celebrated.
Tiny silver painted clay shoes are finished with tiny hand made flowers and glass beads.
Whilst the legs appear jointed they cannot be moved as he's fixed to his base...his arms are moveable and gently pose-able.
He has a lovely chubby body and friendly air about him.
A tiny corsage on his lapel finishes him off perfectly.
H'es been made with a huge amount of love over many many hours.

Height including base approx 56cm
Width approx 18cm
Depth approx 18cm

The base on its own is 10cm x 9cm x 9cm.