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Mister Finch Stitched Staionary Workshop. THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 15TH


Mister ​F​inch Stitched Stationary Class.

Learn how to create envelopes and stitched letters in this fun all day workshop in beautiful Stafford​ in the UK.​

I'll be teaching the class on Thursday 15th September.

Tickets are £140 and will include tea and coffee.

Lunch is not provided.

Class begins at 10.30am and finishes at 5pm​.

I'm asked a great deal to create a class ​that an absolute beginner can attend and I think ​ ​this would be a​​ ​great introduction for the beginner sewer​.​ ​The basics are easy to learn and you can complete quite a lot within the time frame. It's also perfect for those who are more experienced as it allows you to use any embroidery skills for creating stitched messages and addresses. Create your own postage stamps or wax seals from buttons or add your own embellishments and found objects. It can be ​a wonderful and very sentimental ​ project if you have clothing that you would like to use, thin fabrics tend to work best and mens shirts are my favourite to go to. Fabric envelopes make the perfect place to store old correspondence, love letters or family photographs. Think of all the fabrics you could use...children's clothing made into a ​enchanting make one each year to hold a picture and some of their artwork maybe..Grandad's shirts now have a new lease of life and think of all the areas of the shirt you could use from the cuff to the collar and the tiny buttons and labels...maybe the tooth fairy could use some tiny envelopes to leave messages and rewards..

I'll be teaching from 'The Judge and Jury' a large hotel and bar which is located just over 5 mins walk from Stafford train station. It's bright and spacious and has easy access to toilets. Tea and coffee is supplied throughout the day so I would encourage you to bring your own packed lunch/snacks. ​With this in mind it will be almost impossible to cater for food allergies with people bringing their own food...students often sew and eat throughout the day at their table to maximise the work they can do in the day.

This beautiful building is located a few minutes walk to lots of places to eat and so if you want to dine out you are not far away from somewhere gorgeous. After the class, why not relax with a glass of wine or take a stroll by the beautiful river.​..lots to see and photograph.​

I will provide everything you need to create your own envelopes but I would love to encourage you to bring any fabrics that you would like to use, old jewelry and buttons. I want this class to be a fun and educational day which will accommodate all levels. So if a relaxing day stitching and meeting new people sounds like your cup of tea...maybe I will see you soon.