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Blue Spring time Hare Soft Sculpture.

Textile sculpture of a sat down hare by Mister Finch.
These hares have a flat base and so sit down nicely on a flat surface with there legs in a folded position. The legs are slightly poseable so that you can pull the legs down so that they can hang over the edge of a shelf. The cape is made from many many hand cut feathery pieces which are fish scaled together and give a moth/bird wing edge to them.
The cape is stitched on and is not removable and the arms are fixed also.
A vintage plastic flower is the perfect corsage and finishing touch.
Both machine and hand sewn with lots of love and care each hare comes out differently and are gently aged and blushed with colour accents.
Sent out with free worldwide shipping in a strong gift box and black tissue paper.
Approx 32cm x 17cm x 20cm.