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Moody Moon Sculpture By Mister Finch 'B'

This listing is for ONE Moody Moon Sculpture.
This moon is maybe a bit grumpy and also a little tired...he carries his own night time comfort blanket behind him made from 2 colours of vintage blue velvet. It hangs freely from his little arms.
It folds like a fan beautifully and its round shape is scattered in twinkling stars and rhinestones on both sides. Where the blanket meets the base are fallen scattered stars near his feet.
The main body is both machine and sewn and features craters and characterful bumps all pulled and stitched firmly into position.
Each moon comes out differently so you will get the moon in the first main picture in this listing.
He stands on tall thin legs on a black chenille covered base which has the faint outline of clouds on it.
He can face either left or right and has a lovely old story book vibe to him.
At home on either a book shelf or mantle the moons are some of my favourites to make.
He's a gentle sleepy fellow covered in tiny stitches and hand painted details.

Height including base approx 49cm
Width approx 19cm
Depth approx 10cm